Crushing Doubt interviews Dr. Batson

Dr. Dan from Crushing Doubt interviews Dr. Batson

Hope for Healing Chronic Pain interviews Dr. Batson

Dr. Johns Stracks MD, chronic pain specialist, interviews Dr. Batson about her recovery journey.

Documentary: This Might Hurt

From producers Kent Bassett and Marion Cunningham, “a feature-length documentary that explores the chronic pain epidemic by following a group of patients as they attempt a last-resort treatment called mind-body medicine. They undergo an intensive program that involves confronting the emotional roots of their suffering and making astonishing discoveries about the nature of mind and body. Through animation and archival footage, the film also will present recent findings in neuroscience and medical research that ask urgent questions about what’s behind this epidemic.”

Dr. John Stracks’ Message to Medical Students in Training

“We can’t keep killing people with an outdated treatment of disease—at this point, it’s not all that different than bloodletting in the eighteenth century.”

Curable’s Weekly Podcast Interviews Dr. Batson

“Dr. Batson shares the story of how she found a solution in an unlikely place: her own brain.”

TechCrunch Publishes a Review of Curable’s Chronic Pain Recovery App

“Very rarely, an app comes along that changes your life….”

The Reign of Pain Video Talk

Howard Schubiner MD gives an educational and entertaining talk for a TEDx-like audience at Michigan State University.

Documentary: All the Rage (Saved by Sarno)

“Using a first-person approach to explore the work of renowned physician Dr. John Sarno and his radical methods to treating back pain, ALL THE RAGE examines the connection between emotions and health. Through interviews with Sarno, esteemed patients, and experts, the film offers a profound rethink of how we approach our health care.”

A Tribute to Dr. John Sarno MD

A New York Times editor remembers Dr. Sarno as an original thinker and courageous physician willing to think outside the box in order to heal his patients, no matter the professional cost.

Neural Pathway Pain Animation

Created by the Pain Psychology Center , this white board animation explains the unique neural mechanisms of chronic pain and why it develops. Easy to understand and entertaining to view.

How is Pain in the Brain?

A lecture by Lisa Feldman Barrett, author of How Emotions Are Made, on how emotions and chronic pain are processed via identical neural pathways in the brain. Very interesting, but beware – may forever ruin strawberry ice cream for you !

Chronic Pain Infographic

This infographic by Georgie Oldfield, Physiotherapist and Founder of SIRPA in England, offers a quick overview of the risk factors and evidence for chronic pain caused by the mind. Learn why body imaging studies often do not lead you to the source of your pain.

How Do You Treat Chronic Pain?

An article in Bustle by Brandi Neal discussing recent research revealing why talk therapy can help.