Professional Organizations

Psychophysiologic Disorders Association (PPDA)
The Psychophysiologic Disorders Association was created by medical professionals, mental health practitioners, and patient advocates. Its mission is to transform the care of psychophysiologic disorders by educating professionals and the public.

The TMS Wiki created by the PPD/TMS Peer Network (PTPN)
A not-for-profit, PTPN seeks to relieve suffering from Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) by raising awareness, providing information based on scientific evidence, facilitating expression of a wide variety of perspectives, and giving individual support to people with TMS.

Stress Illness Recovery Practitioner’s Association (SIRPA)
SIRPA’s mission is to engage health professionals and train them in the SIRPA approach to chronic pain recovery, equipping them with practical competencies necessary to shift their patients from living with pain to living without it. Their new online practitioner training program should be ready by February 2018.

Pain Psychology Center
Executive Director Alan Gordon, LCSW, and other TMS/PPD-trained therapists have created a practice dedicated to helping patients recover from TMS/PPD.


Recovery Programs

Unlearn Your Pain
Internist and Pediatrician Dr. Howard Schubiner’s recovery workbook and online program.

Alan Gordon’s Multimedia Pain Recovery Program
Alan Gordon, LCSW, with his signature wit and personal insight, presents the roadblocks to recovery from TMS/PPD and guides readers with sensitivity and deep compassion out of the quagmire.


Curable is a chronic pain recovery App. It was designed by a tech innovator and marketing specialist who both recovered from their chronic pain using a mind-body approach to healing. It is a great recovery tool for those who like to interact with technology.



Mind Over Back Pain
Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist John E. Sarno’s groundbreaking book and revolutionary approach to treating back pain.

Healing Back Pain
Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist John E. Sarno’s second book about healing TMS/PPD.

The Mindbody Prescription
Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist John E. Sarno’s third book about healing TMS/PPD.

The Divided Mind
Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist John E. Sarno’s fourth book about the epidemic of mindbody disorders.

Back in Control and DOCC Project
Spine Surgeon Dr. David Hanscom’s road map out of chronic pan and recovery program.

They Can’t Find Anything Wrong!
Gastroenterologist Dr. David D. Clarke’s book about how mind and body interact in illness.

Think Away Your Pain
Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. David Schechter’s recovery program and book. View Dr. Schechter’s TV interview where he discusses his book.

Pathways to Pain Relief
Drs. Frances Sommer Anderson and Eric Sherman present clinical case material to illustrate how musculoskeletal pain and other psychophysiological disorders can originate from psychological experiences as a means to protect an individual from unbearable emotional distress.

The Great Pain Deception
Author Steven Ray Ozanich’s award-winning book about his own 30 year journey in chronic pain, his eventual full recovery and why he believes, “Faulty Medical Advice is Making Us Worse”.

Personal Underworld – A Journey Through TMS
Author Kevin Robert Jarvis’ book about his own struggles and ultimate triumph over TMS using a mind-body approach to healing. This book is especially relevant for those suffering from pelvic pain disorders such as chronic prostatitis.